Infrared uses the IR_HOME environment variable which points where infrared should keep all the internal configuration files and workspaces.

Currently by default the ``IR_HOME ``points the current working directory from which the infrared command is run.

To change that default location user can simply set IR_HOME, for example:

$ IR_HOME=/tmp/newhome ir workspace list

This will generate default configurations files in the specified directory.

Ansible configuration and limitations

Usually infrared does not touch the settings specified in the ansible configuration file (ansible.cfg), with few exceptions.

Internally infrared use Ansible environment variables to set the directories for common resources (callback plugins, filter plugins, roles, etc); this means that the following keys from the Ansible configuration files are ignored:

  • callback_plugins
  • filter_plugins
  • roles_path

It is possible to define custom paths for those items setting the corresponding environment variables: