Release Notes


New Features

  • Added support for OSPD on Bare-Metal machines (documentation pending).

  • Move to GerritHub

  • Improve Documentaion

  • Unit-Testing via tox

  • OSPD
    • Internal Swift storage backend
    • Older OverCloud versions with New UnderCloud (OSP-d #8 and above). For example: Deploy OverCloud of OSP #7 with OPS-d #8 UnderCloud
  • Scale
    • Internal Ceph
    • Internal Swift
    • Compute
  • Collect logs - ansible playbook to grab required data and logs from all nodes post run. Allows to debug the setup even after it was destroyed:

    ansible-playbook -i hosts -e @SETTINGS_YAML_FILE playbooks/collect-logs.yml

    Jobs can now ship logs to Logstash cluster

  • Help for arguments of type YamlFileArgumet lists available files from default locations.

  • Reprovision via Foreman and IPMI

  • Reprovision and reserve via Beaker

  • Configure multiple settings trees. Will look for file arguments in multiple settings directories as listed in infrared.cfg

  • Generate better config files:
    • Put all the required arguments to the generated config ini file

    • If default value is not provided - put the placeholder for that parameter in ini file

    • Resolve only current spec arguments.

    • Infrared allows to use ir-* command in two steps:

      ir-* –generate-conf-file=file.ini ir-* –from-file=file.ini

  • Use existing image snapshots with virsh provisioner (faster than building the images)

  • openstack provisioner accepts private DNS server address.

  • Add Ansible tags to ospd workflow so advanced users can ivoke partial ospd tasks (undercloud, introspection, overcloud, etc...)

  • Add Tempest tester:

    ir-tester tempest –help

  • Customized hostnames for controller nodes

  • Adds support for OSP #10

  • OSPD post-install actions no longer invoked during ir-installer ospd run. Need to be explictly invoked via advanced Ansible call:

    ansible-playbook -i hosts -e @SETTINGS_YAML_FILE playbooks/installer/ospd/post_install/ACTION.yml
  • Configure fencing of overcloud nodes (virsh only) with post-install playbook.

  • Invetory files created for each invocation (hosts-provisioner and hosts-installer are created, instead of overwriting the same hosts-$USER file.)

Bug Fixes

  • SSH to OverCloud nodes: OSPD reprovisions OverCloud machines with new addresses and credentials. Final stage of install uses built-in openstack module to get OverCloud info from UnderCloud (nova list) and recreate invetory and ssh config files.
  • Version conflicts:
    • pin Babel
    • Removed configure module
    • Blacklist Ansible 2.1.0
    • pin shade
  • Default config file is up to date
  • Packstack:
    • Added All-In-One (aio.yml) topology support
    • Fixed network tasks on controller (No longer support dedicated network nodes)
  • Collect Logs: Avoid archiving virsh machines on virthost node.
  • Improve lookup: No longer fails when there are multiple visits to the same key in the lookup
  • Faster lookup with unittest.
  • virsh provisioner no longer fails if sshpass is not installed
  • Remove “sample” files from genertad config files.
  • Resolve ~ (expanduser) on extra-vars file input (--extra-vars @~/my/file)
  • Informative failure message for bad topology syntax
  • Single default inventory file for all ir-* tools
  • Beaker - Proper Ansible failure message when ca_cert file is missing
  • Remove empty placeholer file for rhos-8.0 workarounds
  • openstack provisioner no longer registers the same IP address for instances of the same node
  • Fix internal ceph backend: glance image-create no longer fails with ceph backend
  • Fix merging lists in inpute files.
  • rhos-release should pin latest version
  • Verify that overcloudrc file is created after overcloud deployment succeeds
  • Install python-virtualenv on the undercloud (required for shade)
  • Add ipv6 support for virsh external network
  • Cast the string value of product to int