With workspaces, user can manage multiple environments created by infrared and alternate between them. All runtime files (Inventory, hosts, ssh configuration, ansible.cfg, etc…) will be loaded from a workspace directory and all output files (Inventory, ssh keys, environment settings, facts caches, etc…) will be generated into that directory.


Create new workspace. If name isn’t provided, infrared will generate one based on timestamp:

infrared workspace create example

Workspace 'example' added


The create option will not switch to the newly created workspace. In order to switch to the new workspace, the checkout command should be used


Fetch workspace inventory file (a symlink to the real file that might be changed by infrared executions):

infrared workspace inventory


Switches to the specified workspace:

infrared workspace checkout example3

Now using workspace: 'example3'

Creates a new workspace if the --create or -c is specified and switches to it:

infrared workspace checkout --create example3

Workspace 'example3' added
Now using workspace: 'example3'


Checked out workspace is tracked via a status file in workspaces_dir, which means checked out workspace is persistent across shell sessions. You can pass checked out workspace by environment variable IR_WORKSPACE, which is non persistent

ir workspace list
| Name   | Is Active   |
| bee    | True        |
| zoo    |             |

IR_WORKSPACE=zoo ir workspace list
| Name   | Is Active   |
| bee    |             |
| zoo    | True        |

ir workspace list
| Name   | Is Active   |
| bee    | True        |
| zoo    |             |


While IR_WORKSPACE is set ir workspace checkout is disabled

export IR_WORKSPACE=zoo
ir workspace checkout zoo
ERROR   'workspace checkout' command is disabled while IR_WORKSPACE environment variable is set.

List all workspaces. Active workspace will be marked.:

infrared workspace list

| Name        | Active |
| example     |        |
| example2    |    *   |
| rdo_testing |        |


If the --active switch is given, only the active workspace will be printed


Deletes a workspace:

infrared workspace delete example

Workspace 'example' deleted

Delete multiple workspaces at once:

infrared workspace delete example1 example2 example3

Workspace 'example1' deleted
Workspace 'example2' deleted
Workspace 'example3' deleted

Removes all the files from workspace. Unlike delete, this will keep the workspace namespace and keep it active if it was active before.:

infrared workspace cleanup example2

Package workspace in a tar ball that can be shipped to, and loaded by, other infrared instances:

infrared workspace export

The active workspace example1 exported to example1.tar

To export non-active workspaces, or control the output file:

infrared workspace export -n example2 -f /tmp/look/at/my/workspace

Workspace example2 exported to /tmp/look/at/my/workspace.tgz


If the -K/--copy-keys flag is given, SSH keys from outside the workspace directory, will be copied to the workspace directory and the inventory file will be changed accordingly.


Load a previously exported workspace (local or remote):

infrared workspace import /tmp/look/at/my/new-workspace.tgz
infrared workspace import

Workspace new-workspace was imported

Control the workspace name:

infrared workspace import /tmp/look/at/my/new-workspace --name example3

Workspace example3 was imported
Node list:

List nodes, managed by a specific workspace:

infrared workspace node-list
| Name         | Address     | Groups                                                |
| controller-0 | | overcloud_nodes, network, controller, openstack_nodes |
| controller-1 | | overcloud_nodes, network, controller, openstack_nodes |

infrared workspace node-list --name some_workspace_name

--group - list nodes that are member of specific group.

Group list:

List groups and nodes in them, managed by a specific workspace:

infrared workspace group-list
| Name            | Nodes                              |
| overcloud_nodes | controller-0, compute-0, compute-1 |
| undercloud      | undercloud-0                       |


To change the directory where Workspaces are managed, edit the workspaces_base_folder option. Check the Infrared Configuration for details.