Baremetal deployment

Infrared allows to perform baremetal deployments.


Overcloud templates for the deployment should be prepared separately.

  1. Undercloud provision step. Foreman plugin will be used in this example.

    infrared foreman -vv

    -o provision.yml –url –user foreman_user –password foreman_password –host-address –host-key /path/to/host/key –role baremetal,undercloud,tester

  2. Deploy Undercloud.

    infrared tripleo-undercloud -vv

    -o undercloud-install.yml –config-file path/to/undercloud.conf –version 11 –build 11 –images-task rpm

  3. Deploy Overcloud.

    For baremetal deployments, in order to reflect the real networking, templates should be prepared by the user before the deployment, including instackenv.json file. All addition parameters like storage (ceph or swift) disks or any other parameters should be added to the templates as well.

     "cpu": "2",
     "memory": "4096",
     "disk": "0",
     "disks": ["vda", "vdb"],
     "arch": "x86_64",
    infrared tripleo-overcloud -vv \
        -o overcloud-install.yml \
        --version 11 \
        --instackenv-file path/to/instackenv.json \
        --deployment-files /path/to/the/templates \
        --overcloud-script /path/to/ \
        --network-protocol ipv4 \
        --network-backend vlan \
        --public-network false \
        --introspect yes \
        --tagging yes \
        --deploy yes
    infrared cloud-config -vv \
    -o cloud-config.yml \
    --deployment-files virt \
    --tasks create_external_network,forward_overcloud_dashboard,network_time,tempest_deployer_input