Cloud Config

Collection of overcloud configuration tasks to run after Overcloud deploy (Overcloud post tasks)


  • --tasks:

    Run one or more tasks to the cloud. separate with commas.

    # Example:
    infrared cloud-config --tasks create_external_network,compute_ssh,instance_ha
  • --overcloud-stack:

    The overcloud stack name.

  • --resync:

    Bool. Whether we need to resync services.

External Network

To create external network we need to specify in --tasks the task create_external_network and then use the flags above:

  • --deployment-files:
    Name of folder in cloud’s user on undercloud, which containing the templates of the overcloud deployment.
  • --network-protocol:
    The overcloud network backend.
  • --public-net-name:
    Specifies the name of the public network. .. note:: If not provided it will use the default one for the OSP version.
  • --public-subnet:
    Path to file containing different values for the subnet of the network above.
  • --external-vlan:
    An Optional external VLAN ID of the external network (Not the Public API network). Set this to yes if overcloud’s external network is on a VLAN that’s unreachable from the undercloud. This will configure network access from UnderCloud to overcloud’s API/External(floating IPs) network, creating a new VLAN interface connected to ovs’s br-ctlplane bridge. .. note:: If your UnderCloud’s network is already configured properly, this could disrupt it, making overcloud API unreachable For more details, see: VALIDATING THE OVERCLOUD
# Example:
ir cloud-config --tasks create_external_network --deployment-files virt --public-subnet default_subnet --network-protocol ipv4

Scale Up/Down nodes

  • --scale-nodes:

    List of compute nodes to be added.

    # Example:
    ir cloud-config --tasks scale_up --scale-nodes compute-1,compute-2
  • --node-name:

    Name of the node to remove. .. code-block:: shell

    # Example: ir cloud-config –tasks scale_down –node-name compute-0

Ironic Configuration

  • vbmc-username:
    VBMC username.
  • vbmc-password:
    VBMC password.


Necessary when Ironic’s driver is ‘pxe_ipmitool’ in OSP 11 and above.

Workload Launch

  • --workload-image-url:
    Image source URL that should be used for uploading the workload Glance image.
  • --workload-memory:
    Amount of memory allocated to test workload flavor.
  • --workload-vcpu:
    Amount of v-cpus allocated to test workload flavor.
  • --workload-disk:
    Disk size allocated to test workload flavor.
  • --workload-index:
    Number of workload objects to be created.
# Example:
ir cloud-config --workload-memory 64 --workload-disk 1 --workload-index 3