Provision baremetal machines using Beaker.

Required arguments

  • --url: URL of the Beaker server.
  • --password: The password for the login user.
  • --host-address: Address/FQDN of the baremetal machine to be provisioned.

Optional arguments

  • --user: Login username to authenticate to Beaker. (default: admin)
  • --web-service: For cases where the Beaker user is not part of the kerberos system, there is a need to set the Web service to RPC for authentication rather than rest. (default: rest)
  • --ca-cert: For cases where the beaker user is not part of the kerberos system, a CA Certificate is required for authentication with the Beaker server.
  • --host-user: The username to SSH to the host with. (default: root)
  • --host-password: User’s SSH password
  • --host-key: User’s SSH key
  • --image: The image to use for nodes provisioning. (Check the “sample.yml.example” under vars/image for example)
  • --cleanup: Release the system


Please run ir beaker --help for a full detailed list of all available options.

Execution example


ir beaker --url=beaker.server.url --user=beaker.user --password=beaker.password

Cleanup (Used for returning a loaned machine):

ir beaker --url=beaker.server.url --user=beaker.user --password=beaker.password --cleanup=yes