Controller replacement

The OSP Director allows to perofrm controller replacement procedure. More details can be found here:

The cloud-config plugin automates that procedure. Suppose you already have a deployment with more than one controller.

First step is to extend existing deployment with a new controller node. For virtaul deployment the virsh plugin can be used:

infrared virsh  --topology-nodes controller:1 \
                --topology-extend True \
                --host-address my.hypervisor.address \
                --host-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Next step is to perform controller replacement procedure using cloud-config plugin:

infrared cloud-config --tasks=replace_controller \
                      --controller-to-remove=controller-0 \
                      --controller-to-add=controller-3 \

This will repalce controller-0 with the newly added controller-3 node. Nodes index start from 0.

Currently controller replacement is supported only for OSP13 and above.

Advanced parameters

In case the controller to be replaced cannot be connected by ssh, the rc_controller_is_reachable should be set to no. This will skip some tasks that should be performed on the controller to be removed:

infrared cloud-config --tasks=replace_controller \
                      --controller-to-remove=controller-0 \
                      --controller-to-add=controller-3 \
                      -e rc_controller_is_reachable=no