TripleO UpgradeΒΆ

Starting with OSP12 the upgrade/update of a TripleO deployment can be done via the tripleo-upgrade plugin. tripleo-upgrade comes preinstalled as an InfraRed plugin. After a successful InfraRed overcloud deployment you need to run the following steps to upgrade the deployment:

Symlink roles path:

ln -s $(pwd)/plugins $(pwd)/plugins/tripleo-upgrade/infrared_plugin/roles

Set up undercloud upgrade repositories:

infrared tripleo-undercloud \
    --upgrade yes \
    --mirror ${mirror_location} \

Upgrade undercloud:

infrared tripleo-upgrade \
    --undercloud-upgrade yes

Set up overcloud upgrade repositories:

infrared tripleo-overcloud \
    --deployment-files virt \
    --upgrade yes \
    --mirror ${mirror_location} \

Upgrade overcloud:

infrared tripleo-upgrade \
    --overcloud-upgrade yes