Provision baremetal machine using Foreman and add it to the inventory file.

Required arguments

  • --url: The Foreman API URL.
  • --user: Foreman server login user.
  • --password: Password for login user
  • --host-address: Name or ID of the target host as listed in the Foreman server.

Optional arguments

  • --strategy: Whether to use Foreman or system ipmi command. (default: foreman)
  • --action: Which command to send with the power-management selected by mgmt_strategy. (default: cycle)
  • --wait: Whether wait for host to return from rebuild or not. (default: yes)
  • --host-user: The username to SSH to the host with. (default: root)
  • --host-password: User’s SSH password
  • --host-key: User’s SSH key
  • --host-ipmi-username: Host IPMI username.
  • --host-ipmi-password: Host IPMI password.
  • --roles: Host roles
  • --os-id: An integer represents the operating system ID to set
  • --medium-id: An integer represents the medium ID to set


Please run ir foreman --help for a full detailed list of all available options.

Execution example

ir foreman --url=foreman.server.api.url --user=foreman.user --password=foreman.password